2015- A year full of lessons

  • January to March: After probation, I was so lucky enough to go to the engagement with an exchange In-charges from Vietnam who taught me a lot about my work.  I gained a double experience, working better and smarter than my peers. Those Vietnamese became my good friends, especially Chau who always care and the very best boss i have ever worked with.
  • April to June: I worked in one public project. It was a very nice experiences since I had got an opportunity to do the task that none of my peers had once touched. I stayed in that project for almost two months, I started to know my In-charge who used to be my performance manager. She is personally a very good and kind person, she is very organized and smart. I like her a lot, but i did doubt about what she think of me. It was a very good period as the engagement was quite near to my house and every morning my dad had a breakfast with me and dropped me off and in the evening my team and i were allowed to leave at 5:30 which is a miracle things for an Auditor like us.
  • May-June: A time when all of us need to do the performance evaluation. I chose 5 engagements which 4 were evaluated by Vietnamese. During these time, I had an argument with T, it was a pretty hard time because i also had an exam. This time argument, he ignore me for almost one month, the first time i ever felt that, he change. The time that breaking up is the only way.
  • July: We knew the result but yet things turn up-side down. The rate was first established making me feel very motivated, very satisfied, and later on, it just punched me at the face. Motivation going down to the bottom line. What is the point of working hard? However, i got promoted and my salary increased.
  • July-August: During this period, i was assigned to work at one giant bank in the country. Things were good at the first place but human ambitious made me realize that, a work place is a war place, people compete with each other to outshine one another. People can turn black to white, right to wrong, good to bad, truth to fake. This is a work place. I was never been this down before, i cried when i drove back home. Yes, at that point of time, i did feel i wanted to quit this job. Luckily, something has come into my thought, saying that if i quit, i am a loser. I need to prove those 3 people that, i am so better than what they think. i must make them recognize my work and this is not the end yet.
  • September-November: There was not much things happen, but i stared saving my money buy playing Tong-Tin with the workmates. It quite good choice because i am never good at saving. Oh, one more thing, i got a very surprise birthday preparation from my one and only sissy but i quite sad as my mum seem to not enjoy it. This is also the time that i could call T as an ex. A person does die! I move on!
  • December: Annual Party 18th, Christmas 23-25th. Two of my generations resigned. A party for the year ended is ahead. I did remembered how fresh i was when the annual party last year i was an MC. It quite embarrassing but this time MC did not do as good as the previous time of mine at all. I am not showing off! My celebration of Christmas was 3 days in a row. 23rd i went out with my workmates, NL and Nk who were the very best workmates i had at K. Nk was just like my brother, he took care of me and NL just as we are his girlfriends. NL, a selfish lady but so helpful, is the one i always love to be with. 24th i went with Tony, a friend whom i knew at ACE. he is 2 years younger than me but quite mature and love to have fun. he brought me to new pub and i thought it was like a prostitute house. 25th i went with Panters and my very best friend SD. I did feel distance from Panters yet i could not help, it is a friendship trend. SD, the real one, the innocent one, the one that has never changed.

These are all the experiences, making me a mature ones. I feel different than before, i do not care much about outside world and the eyes of others anymore. Life is too short, do not waste time pleasing the others.